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sexy older women After graduation she’d clerked for a Supreme Court Justice until that justice died, then, wanting to get away from Washington DC and live in a warmer climate, she got a job as a Junior Partner at the Orlando office of Gambini and Woods Law Firm. She started in the Criminal Defense division. She’d won ninety of her first one hundred cases and her billable hours were the second highest in the firm. The Senior partners began to notice her. Well, to be honest, they had already noticed her, but what do you expect when a good looking, twenty-something woman with legs that started in Key West and didn’t stop until they hit Canada showed up.

sexy older women Now they were noticing her for her brains and talent. She was quickly promoted to Partner, then Senior Partner. Now, her only obstacle to becoming a named partner was Vinny’s wife, Mona Lisa. The two women did not get along, probably because they were both fairly young and very hot. The first time Mona Lisa had met her, she was flying to Las Vegas with Vinny to meet with a client. She could still hear that annoying, nasally, whiny, voice saying, “That’s who you’re going with, while I stay home with Vinny Jr?” Ever since that day, Mona Lisa had a strong dislike for Raquel. sexy older women

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sexy older women Once she was dressed for work, she went to her home office, glad she’d convinced the other Senior Partners to approve telecommuting. Her home office was a lot nicer than the one at the firm. Besides, with the hours she worked, she would spend little time at home and most of that time would be working anyway. The biggest benefit of working from home was, that she could log in to the Utherverse anytime she wanted and she rarely had to deal with office politics or gossip, which she hated with a passion. sexy older women

sexy older women She read over the latest deposition her associate had conducted, while she mindlessly fingered the delicate gold choker she’d bought for herself as a subtle reminder that she was owned and collared, at least online. On several occasions, she’d thought about asking Sir Sailé to take ownership of her in real life, but there was a streak of independence inside her that wouldn’t let her surrender herself completely to another, the way she greatly desired.

Date: May 19, 2020