Sexy Latina Cleaning my clothes and then my cock


Sexy Latina The combination of being locked up, not knowing if she’d let me out and her teasing made my orgasms incredible. As much as I didn’t want to be locked up, I couldn’t deny that some part of me was enjoying it. Melissa became way more overtly sexual around the house too. Her lounge clothes used to be track pants and a baggy t-shirt, now they’d become panties and a form-fitting shirt –

Sexy Latina always making sure that my chastity key that she wore on a necklace around her neck was in full view. We’d completely avoided talking about anything emotional in the wake of me telling her that I loved her, but in that week it really did feel like we were growing …We spent more time together, were more affectionate with each other and it really felt like we were a proper couple. Then Friday night rolled around and my delusions were put in place.

Sexy Latina “Tomorrow night is going to be a big test for you.” I was confused by what she meant. “What do you mean?” “I have a hot date. His name is Tayshaun. It’s not really a date, I’m just going to fuck him.” My heart sank as she spoke. There was no way that I could hide what I was feeling and the disappointment must have been all over my face. Melissa had to notice, but kept going like she was ripping a Band-Aid off. “Remember Kassandra from the sex shop?

Sexy Latina Well, I’ve kept in touch with her because she seemed to know so much about this lifestyle. I was hoping to learn a few things from her and she ended up setting me up with this guy. He came by my work today during my lunch hour – I’d seen his picture before and he looked good, but he is so sexy in real life! – anyway, we had coffee and chatted for a bit and he asked me to go over to his place tomorrow night and I said yes.” I was still trying to let it all sink in. “Grey, you know what I need…don’t try to make me feel guilty because you can’t give it to me.” “So…what does this mean then?

Date: February 28, 2019