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sexy asian teens I was scared my  hearbeat was increasing i wanted to get into my knees and take their dicks into my mouth but as I thought nothing happened such thing they were too gentle and sweet and handsome..  I loved them totally then our small conversation started

Man 1:  what’s your age

Me:  sir 18

Man3:  you are too young for gangbang

Man 2:  how many times have you been into group sex

sexy asian teens Man1:  will you be our slut for tomorrow too??

Me:  sir i have been into group sex since last year and I don’t have any problem in doing it..  And yes I can come Tommorow too

Man 2:  true slut

Me:  all yours

Man1:  should we start now after few hours others will come to enjoy her flesh

sexy asian teens Me:  I m nervous..

sexy asian teens Man3 planted a kiss on my lips and pulled me into the bed and made my mouth pack with his saliva..  And said pure slut and inserted his hand inside my pussy and opened my clothes within second he made me naked and continued kissing me while other boys came from back and caught my boobs they pressed them hard and spanked them and all of a sudden the man who was kissing me rose up and opened his pant

sexy asian teens I was able to see his long thick black dick..  I requested him to enter into my mouth but he said he wants to feel my ass before anything so turned and presented him my ass while the other two also rose up and took their dicks on hand they were too big i loved them i started sucking one by one they were happy and I was in fire I need more and so I got as soon as one dick entered into my ass

happy and I was in fire I need more and so I got as soon as one dick entered into my ass

Date: June 30, 2020