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Seven deadly sins Hi friends, I would like to narrate real story happend in 2018 May.

I am Prasanna 29 years old, this story happens in 2018 May in winter. I am from Bangalore stating with parents we have a maid at home her name is Lalitha she is around 35 years old. She has milf figure huge boobs big round ass fat body.

Seven deadly sins let me start my story daily when lalita used to come to clean my room I used see her body which was so hot and sexy, she used to show up her clevage with deep novel. One day my friends were also ther at my room and she came to clean room as usua, my friends sharan, sunny, Vivek and myself. after seeing her they expressed their feelings towards fucking her. We all discussed and came with awesome plan. We were waiting my parents to leave to native which is mysore.

Seven deadly sins Finally the day arrived my dad wanted to visit mysore with mom. I was so happy called my friends about the plan. After my parents left to Mysore my friends came home whole night we were planning and imaging fucking her. Next day morning as normal she came home and started cleaning me and my friends hidden inside room there was a place friends were in bathroom and I was behind door soon she enterEd room I turn on tv where a milf was getting fucked by many young guys she was shocked to see that but she made sure nobody is watching and started seeing it.

Seven deadly sins In the porn which was coming on the tv guys were fucking a lady very badly Lalitha was enjoying the show by pressing her boobs she was getting horn. Suddenly as planned I went infront of to her she was trying to see after seeing me, but I hold her and wisphered in her ear do u wanna get same session. She was in the time she say yes or no my friends joined me and started touching her even she showed some resistacne in the beginning later she agree.

Seven deadly sins Game begins with drinks she was local asked some wisky for herself porn was running still in tv. We all were started drinking sunny and shran startee pressing her boobs on blouse… she was enjolying.

Date: August 7, 2020
Actors: johnny sins