Seductive Real Estate Agent Gets Punished fucked while husband in office


Seductive Real Estate Agent I knelt on the floor on a pillow and spread my legs and attached the spreader bar. I then pulled the chain under and up onto the far side of the bed and the slack chain rattled until tight. I passed the arm of the open handcuff through the chain so it was tight but I still had some wiggle room.

A last check of everything, a look to the ceiling for the ice cube and key and then I clicked the handcuff in place.

Seductive Real Estate Agent Almost instantly the dildo kicked-in on its high setting and my ass squirmed as my cock started to drip. I moaned deeply and felt the ripples run through me. After only 2 minutes it ceased and I breathed deeply.

Over the next hour my ass was tortured by the dildo. My cock couldn’t get fully erect but I could feel it weeping and the liquid turning sticky in my briefs.

Seductive Real Estate Agent Each thrust from the dildo was lovely but I decided the low setting wasn’t strong enough.

After about an hour, noiselessly the ice cube dropped onto the bed. It was still a little frozen but I was able to grab it and the warmth of my hand released the key. I undid one handcuff, unhooked the chain and was able to sit back. I removed the spreader bar, lay down on the bed and grabbed the dildo remote.

Seductive Real Estate Agent I pulled my straining cock out of my briefs and turned the dildo on high, no random mode.

I jerked my sticky cock and sprayed spunk all up my chest.

I felt so perverted and excited.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

There was still something missing though. I wanted to get dirtier.

My favourite fetish was stockings and heels. I adored women wearing them.

Seductive Real Estate Agent I decided to purchase a set for myself and would dress myself as a slut when I next abused my ass with the dildo. I SO wanted a woman to dominate me and force me to dress this way.

So, a few weekends later, I thought I would follow the same routine as before as it was so intense for me. But I needed to add an extra layer. I had purchased some sexy clothing to make me feel even more like a slut.

Seductive Real Estate Agent I wrapped a 6-strap suspender belt around my hips and sat down to roll up some fishnet stockings. The butt plug I had inserted previously pressed deeply in me and I was already excited at the new slutty method I had ahead of me.

Seductive Real Estate Agent Once the stockings were clipped into place, I put on the ankle cuffs and the slipped a new tight thong up to my ass. I wanted my cock to be free this time but I wouldn’t be able to touch it. I pushed my cock straight out through the crotch of the thong and it bobbed and throbbed in front of me and the tight back pulled the dildo tight into me.

Date: June 12, 2020