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Seducing my sister in law My mom was always the best mom ever! Going through High School she was popular with all the guys when I bought them back to our house. Ultimately that popularity made me popular too! It wasn’t just that she was a fantastic cook and also so warm and friendly to every house guest! The thing I was most proud of and that every guy knew, was that my mom was smoking hot! Mom had the body of a model, the skin of a teenager, and her dress style was the hottest of any mom I Seducing my sister in law knew! It seemed every year the number of friends I had and who came to our house just doubled! Everyone at school knew me and I knew it was down to my mom!

The guys would all be totally polite and respectful of course! Never once did any of them have a rude word to say to or about my mom. If they did they knew they’d be the least popular guy at school pretty soon! But of course, when they got home it would be a different story! I knew every single guy at school Seducing my sister in law had the hots for my mom and every one of them fantasied about her! Even though she was my mom I’d grown up knowing that every guy that knew her jerked off to her when they got home!

Dad totally knew he was the luckiest guy alive! Throughout my entire childhood, he never put a foot Seducing my sister in law wrong! He never once said or did anything that might make my mom think she wasn’t the perfect woman she was! The only person that loved mom more than dad was me! xdtdxfgvdfg

Date: August 26, 2020