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Sally squirt feet job sex The boss smiled, placed his hand over my tits, rubbed a little pushing my top down till he revealed my hard nipples saying, β€œI have no doubt you could make any man melt in no time babe, if you want to give it a try, I have no objections to it, but we need to buy all the time we could get sweetie.”

I placed a hand right over his cock, which felt rock hard by then, I rubbed it a little saying, β€œBoss, can you remember how many times you have seen me naked, or how many times have you fucked me so far?”
Sally squirt feet job sex β€œwhat do you mean Lisa?”

β€œI mean, look how hard your cock is just for the short poses I have just made, can you imagine the effect on a strange man who had seen me for the first time making suck poses or a little further?”

Sally squirt feet job sex He pulled my hand and pulled me till I was standing next to his chair behind his desk, he got up, hugged and kissed me on the lips, placing his hand over my ass, gave it a couple of teasing taps before he pushed his hand under my skirt, rubbing my ass a little and saying, β€œI can never argue that part, good luck sweetie, use the company car and go.”

Back to my office, I made a few phone calls to the company trying to pin point where exactly our connection problem is among their wide spread offices and departments, Finally I was told the name of the engineer in charge who might be able to solve it.

Sally squirt feet job sex I called him, made an appointment to see him right away in his office, started driving towards his office right away, when I got there, he was a skinny tall man of mid-thirties. He welcomed me

Date: August 16, 2021