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Russian Teen Babe We both got into the shower, soaped each other, feeling every part.  I felt Tim’s every muscle.  He definitely worked out. Tim started to kiss me on the lips.  It was actually feeling pretty good, he was putting me into the feminine role even more.  This time he started to kiss my nipples. While in the shower, we discovered that neither one of us has any protection or lubricant.   “I will take you raw” said Tim, adding “if you let me”.  “How about lubricant?” I said.  My tone was even getting Russian Teen Babe more feminine.  “You can suck me to produce enough lubricant for the next act!” said Tim.  I was a bit apprehensive, big cock and no lubricant?  That could be painful!

We dried each other and headed to the comfort of bed.  Tim was becoming bold.  He told me to sit down on the bed while he stood in front of with his hard cock.  “Suck it” said Tim “We need some lubricant”.   I obliged.  This time it was not the slow but the fast version to produce some precum!  When there was Russian Teen Babe enough, Tim told me get on the bed on all fours.  I did what was asked.  Then Tim got behind me, caressed and licked my ass, he was stroking with one hand to continue the production of precum.  By this time I wanted his cock…but still remembered that it was quite big, therefore did my best to relax, telling my self the fulfilling feeling will be worth it.   “Beg for my cock” said Tim.  I was ready and begged for it….”Give it to me please…I want your huge fucking cock in me!”.  He rubbed his Russian Teen Babe cockhead on my already saliva wetted asshole with one hand while caressing my back with the other hand.  I was pretty relaxed by now.  Tim kept his word….he slowly pushed till my asshole gave way, and popped his cockhead in.

Date: June 29, 2020
Actors: arteya dee