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Redneck if we wanted to call in and take a look around, to which Sarah said of course we will.
We entered the house and noticed that there wasn’t a lot of unpacking had been made and only three bean bags which were being used as makeshift seats, he said he was waiting for some new furniture and sofa to arrive within the next few days. Sarah sat on the bean bag and her short skirt rose up enough to reveal her black stocking tops, at least 5 of the lads noticed this and their jaws dropped in excitement. Redneck The lad who’ll I call David so as not to reveal his real name, put some music on and soon we were all laughing and dancing and enjoying the moment when suddenly one of the lads felt ill probably because of too much drink and food, David said quick upstairs and so he and three other lads escorted him to the upstairs bathroom, Sarah said she would go and check as she was a nurse all said and done Redneck and wanted to make sure he was ok.
After 20 minutes the lad came back down stairs and said he’d lay down on the floor for a while, but Sarah and the other three lads didn’t come back down, David asked were they were and the lad said cleaning the bathroom for you I think, with that me David and the two other remaing lads headed up Redneck stairs to check everything was ok, but when we got to the bathroom the light was off, instead his main bedroom light was on and upon entering the room Sarah was on her back on the bed being fucked senseless by one the lads while the other two were sucking and rubbing her nipples,  she turned to me and the three other lads and suggested we all got naked, without

Date: August 12, 2020