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hairy teen Meanwhile, Anubhuti was bending and arranging the bags as she would take few bags to the last berth and my right leg was a bit hanging down the seat and suddenly she moved back to take the bag out and her pussy got a hard poke by my right leg fingers and she jumped ahead and I too took my leg up my seat. We both got a bit embarrassed and when our eyes met we smiled a bit and felt a bit shy.

hairy teen Eventually I saw she going to the last seat where my dad’s seat was and I too had this feeling that I should also go and few minutes later went to dad and asked him to take the seat with mom and me taking his seat.

hairy teen As my dad left we both again made eye to eye contact and smiled but this time a bit naughtily. The berths were not so filled and so we had the freedom to discuss the incident which took place. So we started our casual talks as from where we are from and where we are going. We both laughed and enjoyed with each other. Then I enquired about her marriage and then she said that she was married to a marine engineer and her marriage was just one week old. Her husband had left for his job and will soon return. Now it was around 7 pm and we shared snacks and were talking without making much of eye contact.

hairy teen Suddenly Anubhuti asked me “how was it?” I was confused as what she asked and I enquired as what she meant so she looked in my eyes and asked that how I felt about that incident which took place a few hours before. I was shocked to hear her and kept quiet smiling but she said that why am I quiet as she knows that I have enjoyed the touch as she too enjoyed and I was thinking that is this seriously happening! Now I knew that I got the green signal and I asked her whether I can feel that feeling again.

hairy teen To my surprise she said yes and she touched my right hand and kept on it. I was getting hot and horny and my dick started gaining its erection and she noticed it and kept her hand on it and slightly pressed it. I left out a little moan ahhhh…hhh and closed my eyes and suddenly could feel her lips on my lips. Waoh!!! What a feeling and now I knew that I will fuck her no matter what!

hairy teen By her looks I could tell that she was damn excited and ready for sex but we had to wait and make a plan as where to do it. We decided that toilet would be the best option.

Date: December 22, 2019
Actors: abbey rain