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It took a moment before we had the strength the separate, and, even once we did, Carter was so tired that all he could do was collapse next to me. The two of us had to sit there for several minutes, waiting for our strength to return.

I might not have even gotten out of bed, had I not heard my phone going off, in the other room.

Real sex videos “Oh, fuck,” I said, my legs barely closing enough to walk.

As the Carter’s warm fluids dripped down my thighs, I rummaged in my purse, trying to find my phone.

“You never told me you were married.” Carter followed me into the living room, but seemed to have no inclination to put any clothes on.

“I try not to think about it,” I told him, honestly, before finally reading the message.

Real sex videos Donovan had sent me multiple texts in the last few minutes, but the most recent one summed them all up quite well. “Get out of there!”

“Something wrong?” asked Carter, pouring himself another drink.

Real sex videos “Oh, nothing.” I quickly slipped my dress back on, but Carter blocked my path to the elevator.

“Did someone tell you about me?”

“What is there to know?” I asked, nervously.

He looked at me with regret in his eyes. “I guess this is a bit awkward now,” he said, stumbling a bit Real sex videos over his words. “But I had fun. Come back again, if you feel comfortable.”

And as those last few words came to a close, he stepped aside, clearing my path to the exit.


Date: July 6, 2021