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Real Mother daughter Jacob though had to taste her. Her dress was off, her cute matching black panties and bra discarded too. She was on the second step and he was still on the first; the perfect position for kneeling into her wide-open raised legs. One held higher and twisted to the banister rail; the other pressed to the feature wooden wall. But the true feature on display was her pussy; inviting as only a fully shaved wet spread lippy coochie can be. It defined pink; it was so puffy. Her lipettes were tackily Real Mother daughter glued to her mound under the weight of her own seeping moisture. The rugby back’s tongue hit her delight front and centre with all the force of a scrum push. The taste was syrupy squelchy sweet.

Kendall was quickly panting because her big boy was licking in a rush to meet her frictional pushing need. There were regular ‘mmm’s’ and ‘ahs’ of womanly delight as her secret flesh was captured by his flashing tongue.  He put two fingers into her and was moving them in and out briskly as he flicked her Real Mother daughter clit. She squealed and quivered in fem-delight. One of her hands gripped the stair rail, the other coursing, tousling his hair. Kendall came intensely, vehemently and enthusiastically but instantly sought more; she was exuding protracted heat.

She guided Jacob under her; a few stairs up. Kendall was now on top of him; but facing away. She held Real Mother daughter her body above him for a moment, balancing on his thighs with her legs positioned down the stairs. She gripped the banister with one hand and then pushing off her toes; she rode her man; rode his pecker hard, rode his meat ball deep and occasionally teased the tip of his cock head before plunging down, then dragging her enveloping tightness up, over and over again. Then Kendall arched back into his chest and let Jacob thrust happily into her, letting him pump frantically for a Real Mother daughter minute with machine gun tempo. God, it felt mutually blissful. Pussy chock-full. Cock drilling filling.

Date: September 11, 2021