Real mom and son taboo Son fucks his mother after she punished


Real mom and son taboo They settled in and started chatting. Chris tried to ignore the fact that she had John naked, in hand cuffs, with a sex toy up his butt, locked in a chest in front of her, but it was hard to get it out of her mind. Her pussy was wet and she was feeling really light headed and euphoric with power. Her plan to get John in this position had worked and she was almost dizzy. Eventually Angel noticed something was amiss, and pressed her for details.

“Girl”, she said, pointing a glass of wine at her and only splashing a bit on the floor, “you are hiding something, what are you not telling me? Wait. You put that ad on that fetish website didn’t you? Oh my God, did you get a nibble?”

Real mom and son taboo “A nibble?”, she said, “More like a school of piranhas, it was like I opened a window and somebody threw a thousand cocks at me…”

“But…” her friend pressed for details, “after you blocked all the creepers, did you find anyone?”

“I found one guy that seems promising, we’ve swapped a few emails and we’re going to maybe get together tomorrow.”

Her friend Angel gushed with excitement for a few minutes, offered advice on which dress to wear and a hundred other things and they polished off a bottle and a half of wine between them. Eventually, Angel stood up and went Real mom and son taboo into the bathroom to use the toilet.

Chris opened up the lid of the chest and looked at John.

“Are you doing okay in there?” she asked him.

You planned this!”, he said accusingly, but with a genuine sense of amusement in his voice, “you are an absolute fucking filthy genius!”

She grinned at him wolfishly and bent to kiss him deeply.

Real mom and son taboo “When Angel gets back, I’ll take her for a walk outside so we can smoke a joint, you can get out and have a toilet break. Grab that bottle of water, get back in the chest, and I promise she’ll be gone in two hours”, she smiled at him, “four hours at the most. And leave the tail where it is, because it is as cute as hell!”

Date: December 11, 2021