PURE TABOO Step-Uncle Sleazy Deceives Niece To Get Her


PURE TABOO Step-Uncle I had experimented with ice-cube sizes until I go one that lasted between 45 and 65 minutes depending on temperature.

I eased out the butt plug and inserted the dildo with plenty of lube. I turned on the dildo with the remote, it buzzed nicely inside me catching my prostrate just right.

PURE TABOO Step-Uncle I then pressed the random button and left the remote on the dresser. I pulled on my tight briefs and my cock with its tight cock-ring was pulled tight to my groin, facing backwards. I already had a semi and the strain was exquisite.

I knelt on the floor on a pillow and spread my legs and attached the spreader bar. I then pulled the chain under and up onto the far side of the bed and the slack chain rattled until tight. I passed the arm of the open handcuff through the chain so it was tight but I still had some wiggle room.

PURE TABOO Step-Uncle A last check of everything, a look to the ceiling for the ice cube and key and then I clicked the handcuff in place.

Almost instantly the dildo kicked-in on its high setting and my ass squirmed as my cock started to drip. I moaned deeply and felt the ripples run through me. After only 2 minutes it ceased and I breathed deeply.

PURE TABOO Step-Uncle Over the next hour my ass was tortured by the dildo. My cock couldn’t get fully erect but I could feel it weeping and the liquid turning sticky in my briefs.

Each thrust from the dildo was lovely but I decided the low setting wasn’t strong enough.

After about an hour, noiselessly the ice cube dropped onto the bed. It was still a little frozen but I was able to grab it and the warmth of my hand released the key. I undid one handcuff, unhooked the chain and was able to sit back. I removed the spreader bar, lay down on the bed and grabbed the dildo remote.

PURE TABOO Step-Uncle I pulled my straining cock out of my briefs and turned the dildo on high, no random mode.

I jerked my sticky cock and sprayed spunk all up my chest.

I felt so perverted and excited.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

There was still something missing though. I wanted to get dirtier.

Date: June 12, 2020