Pure 18 In A Pinch with Angela White and Ramon Nomar


Pure 18 It was a very slow evening, and I was bored; so I wandered around the other offices of the station to look for something to read, leaving the door to the radio room open so that I could rush back to my desk if any calls came through.

I went into the lieutenant’s office, and there, on his  desk, was an iPad tabletI had seen him using once or twice before. I suspected it might require a password, so I turned it on to check. Nope–it let me log on without a password. 

Pure 18 I clicked the browser icon and the next thing I know I’m looking at the PornHub homepage.

That’s cool, I thought to myself. I always thought the lieutenant was a horndog. He certainly filled out his trousers better than every other guy working in our small office.

I was curious, so I clicked the login form, and low and behold it filled in his username and password. His username was BruiserXXL, causing me to chuckle, then flush with heat in my crotch.

Pure 18 I was really excited by what I saw: a pair of beautiful women being fucked by a well-hung stud. I took the tablet into the women’s room and fingered myself into oblivion. I rubbed my lips rhythmically and pinched my nipples though the blue uniform shirt. I brought myself to the brink of climaxing three times, but each time I got close, I would feel a rush of shame that kept my big-O at bay, shame about what I was doing.

After a few minutes of trying unsuccessfully to butter my own muffin, I left the bathroom unfulfilled. I walked back to the lieutenant’s dark office to put his tablet back on his desk, and when I bent over to Pure 18 place it on is desk, I felt a the warmth and hardness of a man’s crotch rub against my butt. He was behind me in the dark.

Date: August 21, 2020