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Punla Movies Full we began packing up and but I popped into the toilet and by the time I returned he was gone, a trick to not have to load the dishwasher no doubt! I loaded it up, switched it on then grabbed my bag to leave when I heard the door swing open and the sound of the rapid walk of a woman in heels, I looked around and it was Kelly.

“I’m glad I caught you,” she said, as she walked toward me.

“I was just leaving,” I replied.

Punla Movies Full With my coat on and my bag in my hand, she took my free hand and led me into Gary’s office closing the door behind us.

“I woke up craving pussy, so I came here to get my lips on Trishna and got a mouthful of your spunk.Ever since then I’ve needed some cock, and I’ve been savouring this dirty pair of knickers all day.” Kelly says, pulling Trishna’s soiled lacey red knickers out of her pocket, pressing them onto her open mouth and inhaling deeply.

Punla Movies Full “I told Gary to take her shopping so I can come here after work and get my hands on you,” she continued.

She then sat down on Gary’s desk lifting her skirt and exposing her vagina to me, she pulled Gary’s chair out and placed her foot onto the seat so I could get a better view, I dropped my bag onto the floor and removed my coat, she began rubbing her pussy slowly and it was already making a sloshing sound,

Punla Movies Full “Have you been a naughty girl already?” I asked.

“I’ve been rubbing her all day thinking about this moment.” She replied.

“I’m dying for some attention, Trishna didn’t even touch my pussy, I need it!” She persisted!

Punla Movies Full The rest of the day dragged but was very productive, minus the sexual distraction of a young apprentice in the office I am quite an efficient worker, first in and last out pretty much every day but as today drew to a close and the office dwindled to just me and Harry. At around 5:15pm I decided to call it a day, I told Harry I was leaving in 5 and he said he was heading out himself

Date: August 22, 2021