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Pretty face Hmm….that’s definitely a first he thought, as he reached for the file and opened it. A pair of wrist and ankle, black silk restraints, thigh-high stockings, and lace thong fell out on the floor between his knees when he opened it! For a second he paused, then quickly regained his demeanor and responded, with a gleam in his eye, “Ms. Kutsenko, would you tell me;  how would you suggest I file this document ?”, while holding up her prizes to admire.

“I will leave that up to you, Sir”, she seductively murmured, standing back with both hands on her shapely hips. “But I trust……you might just know how to implement items of this kind?”

Pretty face The words drove that thought like lightning through his imagination. Certainly ….most certainly he could arrange this!

However silently smirking, she couldn’t help but notice how effective her delivery had been by the enormous swelling taking shape in his khaki slacks while he picked up her suggestive apparel

Pretty face It suddenly occurred to him. Not only did he have her intimate fantasy waiting to be realized in his hand, but more compelling was the idea she had nothing on underneath her skirt. That surely was what this was about; this notion in itself drove his manhood to pulse and twitch to the “firm” status as his thoughts surged.

Pretty face Grinning at her he quipped, “I must admit, you have me at a complete disadvantage”

“I know….!” She reveled with intense delight in the moment.

Pretty face The thought that she could get him hard by using this suggestion like this, turned her on intensely and she immediately felt her desire soaking her thighs. Her seductive but indirect approach had clearly fueled his desire; without a moment’s hesitation, he quickly grasped her hand in one fluid motion, swung her full and tempting lips upon his. His lips were indulgent, his hand at first grasping and hard, now gently cradled her cheek. When his tongue came it was hungry but tender, and she matched his firm probing with soft, expectant murmurs and rolling tongue thrusts.

Date: June 29, 2020