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Pov Cowgirl Holy Fuck.” He muttered to himself. “48gg.” He quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his stiffening 10″ teen dick out of his pants. He rubbed his huge bulbous head with the soft lacy cups and soon his cock was rock hard and throbbing. He stroked hard and fast, thinking about the massive breasts that could fill the amazing cups. He groaned and shot a thick load of potent teen cum into the huge white bra, squeezing every drop into his Auntie’s undergarment. Just then he heard a call from downstairs.

Pov Cowgirl     “Jason! Dinner is ready sweetheart,” April called up the stairs, oblivious to what was being done with her underwear.

Pov Cowgirl     Jason quickly zipped up, tossed the bra back in the hamper and went downstairs for dinner.  Throughout the meal Jason tried to get a look at the shape of his fat aunts breasts, but her sweater was so baggy, he could barely make out the outline.

Pov Cowgirl      After dinner, Jason said he wanted to go for a run, check out the neighborhood.  He changed into some shorts and a tank top and went off, April watching as he ran around the corner. She blushed. ‘Get a grip April.. he’s your nephew….and not like a stud like that would be into a frumpy old fatty like me.’ She sighed as she went upstairs to get the laundry basket from the bathroom. As she picked it up, she caught a scent of something musty….that she recognized, but had been so long. She Pov Cowgirl picked up her bra and sticky white teen cum oozed onto her fingers. She brought her fingers to her nose and inhaled deeply. ‘OMG it it it’s cum!’ She thought to herself. ‘Jason? Did he? In my bra?’ She felt a stirring in her loins and licked the cum off her fingers. Her fat lonely pussy dripping as she hurried to her bedroom,  holding the sticky bra up to her face. She threw her self onto her bed and drove her fingers into her fat hairy slit.

Date: February 16, 2021
Actors: jesse jane