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Pinay chuby sex video Prabhakar asked my excuses as we were not able to return as it was late and raining. Now I was sure that all were planned. I was an equal sport. I asked him to book two rooms. He smiled at me and told that only one room is available. I knew the truth and so, I laughed heartily. We reached the room. I wanted to change to a nightie and went to washroom.Β  The nightie was a georgette, halter necked one. Had a deep V neck down up to the waist. It has an outer, but I decided not to wear. Pinay chuby sex video My legs were clearly visible through the thin black material of the nightie. I wanted to tempt him and so decided not to wear any inner wear. When I came out, he entered and did not notice me fully. After five minutes he came out and by that time I had ordered ice cream to the room.

Ice cream was served by the time he came out. We sat on the sofa and relished the dessert. Now he Pinay chuby sex video was looked, sorry staring at me fully. I could see his uneasiness. After finishing I went and sat by his side. My whole body was on show. When I crosse legs, my left thigh came out of the slit gown, boobs oozed out of the V cut. I continued to sit as if I was unaware but watching him with half closed eyes. I was speaking about all sundry subjects while closely observing his groin which was growing.

Pinay chuby sex video I dimmed the light. Prabhakar came near and sat by my side. His hand circled around my neck and pulled me. I yielded to him completely and our lips met. He lifted me and took to the cot. Prabhakar was wearing a night dress. We hugged tight and kissed as if there is no tomorrow. I removed his clothes

Date: August 30, 2021