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Pinay bukaka sex This story is about me (Aahan), Avantika, and Ruhi, and the BDSM night we had recently. We 3 have known each other from Kolkata, where we had our college together, and then we came to Bangalore to start our profession.

Pinay bukaka sex Over time, Avantika and I became friends with benefits. Ruhi was someone I always had on my list to hook up with. Avantika knew about it, and once she opened herself to me about Ruhi’s interest as well, but we didn’t get the chance to execute the same. One day, while talking about our sex lives we realized how annoying our life has become with normal sex. So, after some discussion, we ended up planning something unusual for the coming weekend at my place. The idea was to try out BDSM. Yeah, you read it right, we’ll try BDSM and even Ruhi was ok with it. Avantika and Ruhi would be getting their sex toys and other stuff, while I was responsible for setting up my room as per the BDSM’s mood.

Pinay bukaka sex The time finally arrived, I was done with all the necessary arrangements in the bedroom with proper lightings, scented candles, aroma oils, and to compliment it was some soothing music. The living room was furnished with food, drinks and while I waited for my guest to arrive, the doorbell sounded. That was Avantika and Ruhi looking gorgeous in their sexy bodycon dresses.

Me: Wow, ladies, you’re all dressed up for a club night. Look at me, just wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Pinay bukaka sex This is some sort of party, after all. Ruhi winked. Avantika and Ruhi were looking like an absolute diva. They were around 5’8’’ long with a fair complexion. Avantika had a 30B breast and Ruhi had a 32B breast. Ruhi also has a bigger butt in comparison to Avantika. Both Avantika and Ruhi had

Date: September 17, 2021
Actors: taylor sands