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Photoshoots mom I got to her grabbed her pig tails and drove my cock in her hard. She pushed me back and I drove her again, again and again as she met each thrust.

“Fuck me hard, harder. Punish this cunt for laughing at you.”

Allison seemed so innocent and pure when she visited Vivian. Who was this vixen I’m fucking? I turned her around sat her on my cock and bounced her, as she hung on, and enjoyed being my fuck doll.

I stopped, forced her on her knees, and she hungrily took my cock in her mouth as I face fucked her. Slobber and spit running out of her mouth and on her tits.

Photoshoots mom I was living out my fantasies of her, as she accepted my every action. I took my cock out and slapped her face with it.

“I want your cum. Give me your cum.” She begged.

Looking up at me. Her face and tits wet with spit. I stood her up. Bent her over and spit on her ass. Ran my finger up her crack probing to my first knuckle.

“Be the first to fuck my virgin ass. I want you to be the first.”

Photoshoots mom I had never had anal, and she was so tight as I put my finger deeper, inserting another. She whimpered as I gave her time to adjust.

She guided my cock in her wet cunt and began fucking with my cock and fingers. My head was reeling as I took my cock and fingers out, and slid the head of my cock in her ass hole.

Squealing, she pushed back hard sinking my cock in all the way. Her ass gripped my cock giving me a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“So big, hurts so good. She moaned.

Photoshoots mom I pulled out to the head and drove back in as she matched me. Thrust for thrust. In deep out, in again. My cock was ready to explode as I pulled out slapping her hard, turning her around.

We collapsed on the foamy, her face under my cock. She licked my balls as my cum oozed out onto her nose. She opened her mouth to take it. Squeezing my cock to get it all. Her mouth filled and it began running down her chin as my cock jerked one last drop.

She gargled my cum, and used her fingers to play with it. She giggled like a little girl while I lay back panting for breath.

Photoshoots mom Allison rested her head on my chest and let my cum run out her mouth and began rubbing it between her fingers and sucking them.

She looked up at me.

Date: July 26, 2020