Perfect Fat Ass A Good Mom is Hard to Find Miss Brat


Perfect Fat Ass After drying myself I again put on my robe and walked into the lounge room. Oliver was standing in the middle of the room with May on her knees sucking as much of Oliver’s big cock into her mouth and he was as fat as he was big.

Seeing me come in Oliver mentioned how nice May is and that they had discussed her fantasy and couldn’t wait for me to get started. I laughed and told them it was no problems.

Perfect Fat Ass But told them I did want to see May naked. I wanted her to present herself to us for our taking, I wanted her to kneel in front of us and ask us to take her, to fuck her, to use her body in a way it has never been used before.

So Oliver stepped back and May got to her feet.

Perfect Fat Ass Oliver and I sat next to each other on sofa and May left the room to freshen up. I grabbed some rock melon and took a bite as Oliver said this was a dream he had always had but did not know how to live it.

I said do what feels right but remember this is her fantasy although she will be cum drenched when we are finished make no mistake this is for her to live out her dream and we are here to cater to that.

Perfect Fat Ass May walked back into the room only wearing a pair of red 6 inch high heals. The reaction was telling straight away as my cock started to stir and Oliver’s hand headed to his crutch. May walked in front of us and kneeled down.

Looking down at first then taking a large gulp she raised her eyes to ours.

“Please” was her first word “I have dreamed of being taken by two men since I can remember”. She stopped to take a breath and find her words. Her body now visibly shaking, as the goose pimples appear on her arms.

Date: July 1, 2020