pawg After party sex with roommate ruins my life projectfundiary


pawg I have made physical relation with my elder sister NINA.once we have a nice oral sex session and than we have enjoyed intercourse.I don’t know that NANCY have explained our physical relation to her younger sister NINA.
I am now enjoying my life with my hot mom as well as with my elder evening ,when we all were in dinning hall ,my mom asked me……..[mom]” garry ,i want to ask one thing
[garry] yes mom
[mom]nina is going to chennai for tour
[garry looking at nina] so nice ,but with whom?
[mom] with her friends ,but school administration pawg have asked for a guardian
[garry]ok mom ,you may go ,we will live here
[mom] no garry ,my spa will be affected
[nina] garry you must accompany me
[mom]sure ,tommorow you both have to leave for chennai
[ garry] ok as you wish .”

pawg                 we are now preparing for our tour to chennai.we have to board a train with her friends and teachers.we reached chennai after a long journey & school have accomodated rooms in a four star room is allocated to a student and her guardian. we are in a hotel room.we slept after having dinner.
Next morning 30 students with their guardain have boarded a bus to visit some place in chennai.we have kept a hand bag also .after having a nice visit to some monuments ,we reached to MARINA BEACH.we are near sea beach and we both brother and sister is sitting near a large rock ,which is on the sea shore.

after some time teachers called them and took them to a green room ,which is near the sea shore.I am near sea beach and all of them came back,they are in bikni…….I can see 30 hot babes ,all in her 18-20 yrs. age group.looking their nude thighs as well as their boobs ……….but this is the common dress for sea beach.

Date: October 7, 2020