Paige steele Hotwife shared with friend during football game


Paige steele I met a girl who is healthy and plump to my liking with curves in the right places. She was from the northern states of India and me as a south Indian not fluent in Hindi bumped on to her in a night club in Delhi during my day off from flying were like always I was trying my charm on all women possible and there she was dancing with her friends safety in a corner protected. I was high on alcohol Paige steele and high on courage and not bothered about being embarrassed as the night had many earlier in stock. Made my way through the crowd and there were many hawks trying their luck on the group of single girls. I didn’t bother pushed them and went direct to the girl and said “hey sorry would have been very angry with myself after seeing such a beauty to my taste and didn’t say one Hi in this crowd” then I started dancing along not know if I was lucky but kept on and there came the sign she Paige steele danced along and made eye contact.

In between all this her protective friends were bulldozing me with all their fuck off eye glares. I was excited and went closer and closer to her danced freely and then came the lightening that struck me hard when her friends wanted to leave and she was being pulled away forcefully. Ran all the way to the entrance and by hook or crook somehow managed to take her number and my bad day just turned lucky. Went back in being abused by all the attitude of women in the dance floor.

Paige steele Next day messaged her on what’s app and I came to know she was from Jaipur on holiday with friends and she is an event manager at her place. Didn’t bother texting much the whole day as I was in crazy hangover. Later in the night messaged her I’ll

Date: August 23, 2020