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Paige owens soft romantic I have several fantasies, which I use regularly during masturbation. This first story is one of my favourites, which I hope you will enjoy.

I am 17 years old (probably because this was my age when I first imagined this fantasy) and as usual feeling hot and horny. I am desperate for some naughty fun, and want to do something naughty and different.

Paige owens soft romantic (I am sure you know that sensation, girls, when you are feeling so sexually aroused and frustrated, when your pussy is tingling and begging for attention, a mixture of painful torment and intense pleasure, when all you can think about is fingering yourself, but knowing that the longer you can resist that urge, the more intense the eventual orgasm will be.)

Paige owens soft romantic My sexual imagination is running wild all morning, creating a teasing wetness between my legs that is leaving my panties damp.

So, finally an idea springs into my mind. I decide that I need to visit the doctor. I ring up and make an appointment for later that day. I then spend the next few hours deciding what to wear and what I’m going to do.ftytfgn nftyrtfb cxdftgdrfb xcdfrtgdrfb fxdrtgdfb vxcfgdfb vxfdtgdfc vbcftgdfbv xcfgtfgn cvbdftydrfb dxrtgrfb xdtgdrfb xdrtfrhn cv dtdrf bdcrtrb xdrtrthb xdrteryhgb dcfb vgret6rtyhftghbv

Paige owens soft romantic By the time I arrive at the surgery, I am tingling with sexual arousal. Wearing a pink crop top, my nipples can be clearly seen protruding through the thin material. My slender, flat stomach is naked, and I am showing off the full length of my long, slender legs by wearing a 9 inch mini skirt and strappy, open sandals with heels. I look absolutely stunning, with my long shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.

Date: August 22, 2020