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Old Man Young Girl Major Klaus Keppel was a predator. He preyed on anyone trying to evade capture, or travelling illegally on the Deutsche Reichsbahn, the German National Railway. Those who raised his suspicion or who presented as timid enough to be manipulated or bullied by him were fair game. He particularly liked to intimidate and harangue the frail and the meek; but he especially liked to intimidate women and girls. Klaus Keppel would exhort anything of value for those he apprehended with promises of release from custody and safe passage. He would then hand the person over to ‘proper authorities’, which in most cases meant the Gestapo.

Old Man Young Girl From women he would take not only their money and valuables but he would convince them that by providing him with sexual favours they could continue their journey unencumbered. Not that it really mattered to him if they were compliant or not; if the woman refused she was likely to be bent over the table and taken against her will in any event.

Old Man Young Girl A craven coward with a sadistic streak, Klaus Keppel’s family had just enough influence to keep him from fighting at the front and obtained for him a commission in the Feldjägerkorps, or military police. He secured a series of cushy postings at border crossings or major transportation hubs where he could practice his evil trade under the guise of carrying out his lawful duties.

Old Man Young Girl His NCOs were checking travel documents and identity cards at the exits while Klaus prowled the platform looking for victims and when he saw the delightful young creature striding confidently down the platform he grinned evilly.

Old Man Young Girl He scrambled to place himself directly in front of her and held out his hand and gave her his most charming smile. He was a handsome man, tall and resplendent in his Wehrmacht uniform, his chest bedecked with medal ribbons, most of which he hadn’t earned.

“Papers please Fraulein?” he asked politely in German.

“Madame, please sir. I am married and I am French,” she corrected him and returned his smile.

She rummaged in her purse and produced her French National Identity card issued by the Vichy government and German travel documents approving her to travel to her final destinatio

Date: March 31, 2021
Actors: kira thorn