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Nice ass helps for anal This was going to be my treat for the day. I had tested the new toy and found out two things – a new set of batteries and was still running after 8 hours and also if it wasn’t secured within me, it was likely to fall out. So, my final item was a pair of very tight briefs that would hold the dildo in place as well as keep my cock restrained so I couldn’t get a full erection.

Nice ass helps for anal Once all was ready, I gave myself an enema and had a shower.

I returned to the bedroom and inserted the butt plug with plenty of lube. I would need 10 minutes with this in place before I could take the large dildo. I put the ankle cuffs on me and the handcuffs on one wrist.

Nice ass helps for anal The most dangerous part of self-bondage is the release – but this is also what makes it exciting. I had the handcuff key frozen in a block of ice, attached to a string, suspended over the bed. When it melted, it would fall and I would be able to grab it as I would be bound to the bed across the width and it would fall into the middle of the bed. The string was attached to the ceiling with a hook and the ice cube suspended from the ceiling by blu-tack. Once the ice melted, the key would drop and swing onto the bed. My hands would have enough movement to grab it and the string was fairly long.

Nice ass helps for anal I had experimented with ice-cube sizes until I go one that lasted between 45 and 65 minutes depending on temperature.

I eased out the butt plug and inserted the dildo with plenty of lube. I turned on the dildo with the remote, it buzzed nicely inside me catching my prostrate just right.

Nice ass helps for anal I then pressed the random button and left the remote on the dresser. I pulled on my tight briefs and my cock with its tight cock-ring was pulled tight to my groin, facing backwards. I already had a semi and the strain was exquisite.

I knelt on the floor on a pillow and spread my legs and attached the spreader bar. I then pulled the chain under and up onto the far side of the bed and the slack chain rattled until tight. I passed the arm of the open handcuff through the chain so it was tight but I still had some wiggle room.

Nice ass helps for anal A last check of everything, a look to the ceiling for the ice cube and key and then I clicked the handcuff in place.

Date: June 12, 2020
Actors: alex black