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Nepali sister sex Jessica squealed and writhed as I continued my savage anal assault but, she had nowhere to go to escape my veiny shaft sliding deeper and deeper into her precious little bottom and eventually, my hard work paid off and I could feel my hairy balls slapping against the back of her smooth, tanned thighs.

I don’t know if Jessica took any solace in my admission and frankly, I didn’t give a fuck, and set about reaming the stupid little cunt’s virgin ass hard and deep as I could for the next fifteen minutes.

Nepali sister sex Feeling her lithe, slim teenage body buck under me and shudder with every stroke was such a turn on and it drove me on to go faster and harder.

I looked over at Jessica’s Mom; she was still holding her daughter’s hand and the horrified look on her face as I vigorously buggered her pretty blonde daughter was priceless.

Nepali sister sex Despite the feeling of Jessica’s pliant young body bucking and writhing under me, bent over for my pleasure, my orgasm still felt somewhat far-off, perhaps, I thought,  next time I agreed to help a wanabe music star with her career I should hold off gifting my secretary with my morning load before committing to another project but the solution to this impasse was to hand (or would be very soon)

“Ok Barbara… if you want your little girl to make it in the business, I’m going to need you to help us out here.” I panted at her between thrusting my dick again and again into her daughter’s ass.

Nepali sister sex Jessica’s Mom’s eyes were fixed on her daughter’s grimacing face like a deer trapped in the lights of an oncoming truck and she didn’t look away as she sobbed “You evil fucking bastard! What do you mean?”

Date: September 7, 2021
Actors: sienna day