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Nepali sex mom I’ve seen them all come through my office in my time. All the wannabe’s desperate for their 15 minutes of fame. And with my position in the talent company deciding who we signed up and who we didn’t I have the ultimate power over them. All their hopes and fears, their dreams and aspirations in my hands. Which is cool for me, but not so cool for them.

“This is Jessica, Mr. Howard.”

Nepali sex mom The announcement was from my sexy PA, Grace, who I hired for her exquisite Asian bone structure and long glossy-black hair (and her willingness to take my dick in any of her superbly tight Asian holes at my convenience). I raised my eyebrow at her as she ushered in a prime piece of blonde jailbait material. Grace gave me a knowing look.

“And this is Jessica’s mother.”

Nepali sex mom Grace was gone before I could arch my other eyebrow. This I had not expected. Still I didn’t let on as I watched the tiny blonde be followed into my office by her thirty something mother and I could see where Jessica got her looks.

“Er, sit down Jessica, and er… Jessica’s mother” I indicated the two leather chairs across from my desk.

“Barbara, please call me Barbara.”

Nepali sex mom I glanced at her, she was a strikingly beautiful woman in her own right, with long, blonde hair worn in a high style, she had a lean, athletic body, largish tits and looked around 30 but she must have been older to have a daughter of Jessica’s age but, to be frank I was not interested in a woman twenty years younger than me, at the moment, not when there was a version thirty years younger sitting next to her.And what a magnificent specimen young Jessica was. She had long blonde (natural) hair and dark soulful eyes.

Date: September 6, 2021
Actors: katana