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Naughty police officers It was nearly 1:00 am and we were all nearly stoned on margaritas. Larry kept the punch bowl filled with his homemade margaritas all night. We had all been out of college 20 years, except for Cindy, and, Karen, my wife. They were three years behind the rest of us. All of us had been college sweethearts, marrying soon after graduation.  We all had teenage children. There were a minimum of ten couples who routinely showed up at the games and parties, sometimes twelve if they all came. We had a block of season tickets on the fifty-yard line, and at half-court for basketball.

Naughty police officers We also had basketball after parties. We had been doing this as a group for years. We rotated houses and hosts, so everyone had an opportunity to show their hosting and culinary skills. Cindy was an extraordinary culinary, and her Mexican buffet that night kept us all from going under the table.

Naughty police officers Karen and Cindy were classmates and lifelong friends from the fifth grade all the way through graduation from State. The four of us did a lot of things together, even several vacations and camping trips with the kids. Larry was one of my best friends. Cindy always seemed attracted to me. It was, indeed, flattering.  From time-to-time she would say subtle things to let me know. She would seek me out to dance, or for conversation, or sit or stand next to me when we were in group situations, frequently finding ways to touch my hand, arm or back.

Naughty police officers Larry was in banking and had done quite well. He was vice president of regional banking which included five counties in our part of the state and was very well paid. He necessarily did a lot of traveling. I was director of marketing for a major computer firm, hoping to become vice president in another year, or so. I, too, did a lot of traveling and was equally well paid. Karen was an intensive care nurse and Cindy was an elementary school teacher.

Date: July 11, 2020