Naughty Nature BABES Alexis Crystal & Two Hung Waiters Ha…


Naughty Nature BABES “Tell me … does it feel Ms. ?”  I ask.

“Ohhhhhh….delicious my Sir.” You utter, spreading your legs further apart, rubbing your clit and working the dildo now at the same time.

Hearing you pant,  and moan brings my cock rigid. It sounds delectable hearing your gasps of pleasure, making it hard for me to contain myself, but this you cannot see.

“Mmm….I give you permission to fully enjoy that dildo” I respond.

Naughty Nature BABES “Ohh….yes……yes………thank you, my Sir”

Your lake of desire hungers to be filled, in fact, you wanted to have every part of you filled at this point. Your mind surged with the pleasure of being fucked hard and fast.  Your hips are now moving in the smooth rhythm of undulating motion against the thick dildo with wild abandon; desperately trying to coax the orgasm to the surface of your being.

Naughty Nature BABES “May I cummm Sir…..? Oh, how I need to cummm……pleeeaaaassee!!!” you cried, panting out the words with the successive strokes of the dildo.

“No! You may only cumm  when I allow it!”

“Whhaaaatttttt ?! ? you wailed

“And ….that will only happen when my cock in buried nicely in your lubed ass at the same time!!”

Naughty Nature BABES “Do you understand?!”

Without hesitation you turn over, head down presenting your beautiful ass to me, slick with your essence, hungering and shaking for release. And, just before you have the pleasure of knowing both shafts are filling and fucking you the realization hits you; deep down you are thrilled with the feeling of sheer possessiveness from your Sir. It was as if I possessed your body and soul; you knew in that moment, as I commanded your body to obey again and again, first with the dildo and now my cock……that you would be forever altered.

Naughty Nature BABES “Yes…….take me my Master….!” was all you said over and over as the overwhelming sensation of being fucked hard, back, and front filled you sensual being to overflowing bliss.

Date: June 23, 2020
Actors: alexis crystal