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Mylf Old grannies I followed him bewildered and shocked. He took me to the officers room at the hidden back corner of the post, where three other cops were also standing, the officer who had been sitting at his desk, boldly asked me how much I was carrying. I was astonished and replied that I didn’t know how much what he meant. He glared at me in anger and yelled me not to try to pretend that I didn’t know Mylf Old grannies what he means and asked again how much drugs I was carrying. I trembled with fear and swore that I carried nothing but my personal possessions. Officer raged and ordered the four cops boldly to take me to the interrogation room. Three of them led me across the post’s backyard to an apparently abandoned quiet building at the opposite side of the yard. Passing a long corridor, they took me to a room with its windows covered with thick curtains. There was a table in the middle of the room Mylf Old grannies with a lampshade hanging on it providing the only light source of the room and several chairs where positioned around the table.

I stood there trembling for a few minutes before the officer entered with something in his hand. He showed me the stuff and yelled what is this. I declared with quivering voice that I had no idea. He suddenly slapped me and shouted that it was opium and added that they found it in my luggage. I was Mylf Old grannies now dying in fear because I realized that they had some plan for me as I knew that I didn’t have anything like that in my luggage.

He told me that they had to inspect my body thoroughly and ordered me to take off my shoes and socks. As one of the cops was inspecting them, 

Date: August 7, 2020