My hot ass niece gets fucked for some gift of wine bottle


My hot ass niece I bought various sex toys. Fleshlights, masturbation aides. I also bought some toys that should be used on women such as dildos but the chance to use them never materialised.

I tried self-spanking. Some enjoyment, but obviously I stopped when it started to hurt, which is not the point really.

Over the course of a few years I built-up a toy box that had a wealth of toys and equipment of all natures.

My favourite masturbation would be to play a vibrator over my cock, then push it up my ass. Very kinky and my ejaculation would be bigger and better depending on the kinki-ness of the situation.

My hot ass niece I’m a decent looking guy, but nothing special. Late 20’s, I work in IT. My own apartment with a decent income. A bit of a catch I suppose, but I lack confidence to score with women. My name is Paul.

I live alone, cook for myself mostly and am fairly independent.

I have a cleaner twice a week who also takes care of my laundry.

Life is good.

But my sex-life is centered around weekends when I can be sure of privacy and can indulge my fantasies. The last few months have seen me experiment with self-bondage.

Let me describe my session from a couple of weeks ago

My hot ass niece When I do self-bondage about 1 hour is the maximum I can take before joints start to ache as well as the need for the toilet on occasion. I woke on Saturday morning, had breakfast, tidied around and then laid out the day’s items.

My hot ass niece Ankle cuffs and spreader bar, connected to a chain that ran under the bed. I would be kneeling at the side of the bed, with my arms forward and handcuffs connected to the chain running from under the bed. This keeps me secure, but not totally free of some movement.

My hot ass niece A cock ring, a butt plug and lube. Plus my latest toy, a vibrating anal dildo with a remote control which was also programmable. It had 3 ‘intensities’ and a set of timings could be set to control the length of the stimulation. The best feature was the ‘random’ button. In random mode it would turn off and on, run for between 20 seconds and 5 minutes and be either low, medium or high intensity.

My hot ass niece This was going to be my treat for the day. I had tested the new toy and found out two things – a new set of batteries and was still running after 8 hours and also if it wasn’t secured within me, it was likely to fall out. So, my final item was a pair of very tight briefs that would hold the dildo in place as well as keep my cock restrained so I couldn’t get a full erection.

Once all was ready, I gave myself an enema and had a shower.

Date: June 12, 2020