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aunty video #drunk #aunt Okay, that would be good,” Simon said, scooping up a forkful of beans. “I’ll have my breakfast and then we’ll go.” Mandy grinned at this defiant Simon. She rested a hand on his shoulder and gave it a tight squeeze. “I’ll be in my room. Knock when you’re ready.” She left the kitchen, throwing him a small wave over her shoulder. Simon took a tub of barbecue sauce out of the chrome holder in the middle of the table and squeezed a blob on his plate.

aunty video #drunkaunt The atmosphere in the kitchen was now so tense, his gut tightened and his breakfast didn’t seem quite so appealing. His mother turned to him, her mouth twisted in anger. Wiping her hands vigorously on a tea towel, she snarled, “Surely you’re not going shopping with her?” Simon pushed his plate away and coughed. Shit, this was awkward. “Why not? She knows a lot about fashion and I’m not very good at that stuff.”

aunty video His mother’s top lip curled. “I don’t particularly want you spending time with her, that’s all. I think she’s a bad influence.” Simon edged his chair away from the table and stood. Picking up his plate and cutlery, he walked over and dropped them into the washing bowl. “Mum, I”m eighteen, not eight. I think I’ll decide who is a bad influence on me. Very interesting, indeed. After taking a piss, Simon brushed his teeth and looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He wondered if Mandy would approve of his ideas for his new look.

aunty video Simon dried his mouth on a pink towel and headed across the landing towards the spare room where Mandy, it seemed, had taken up permanent residence. As he reached Mandy’s room, his mother shouted from the bottom of the stairs. ‘”Simon, I’m going shopping, is there anything you want?” The caustic tone had totally disappeared. It seemed his mother had returned to being her caring self.

aunty video What was it with women? Why did they swing from one mood to the next like a fucking hypnotist’s watch? “I need some deodorant and can you get some Vanilla milkshake?” Simon leaned over the staircase and saw his mother, her coat wrapped tightly around her, clutching her handbag. A wave of guilt crashed over him. If his mother suspected that anything was going on between Mandy and his father, no wonder she was pissed off. He smiled at her. “Thanks, #Mum.” #auntyhotmilk #asianauntyhot #auntcaughttube #auntporn #besthotaunty #matureauntyboy #auntyp #hotauntvids #englishauntyhot #xxxofaunty #myauntandmexxx

Date: March 24, 2019