Mother & Son’s Discovery – Ivy Secret – Family Therapy – Preview


Family Therapy My name is Jim. I am a forty-year-old practicing attorney in Seattle. I live comfortably in a small town called North Bend. It is a beautiful place with all of the wonderful attributes that mother nature can offer. It is peaceful and pleasant. I have lived here alone with my only daughter since we lost my wife five years ago. It has been tough for me. I have tried to do all the things that a good parent should do. I spend most of my free time with Casey, my little girl.

Family Therapy When my wife died, Casey was just thirteen. She had been extremely close to her mother as had I. Loosing her left a huge hole in my life. I had served in the Special Forces in Afghanistan during the war. On leaving the military, I went back to school, took the bar and started practicing. It was hard getting a practice off the ground while being a single parent. Casey was great, for the most part. She did hang out with a few buys that I wasn’t too fond of her seeing. And, I later learned that she had been having sex since she was about sixteen. We worked through it all and I was careful not to judge her or punish her. She understood that my only concern was for her safety and health. Matter of fact, the whole ordeal made us closer.

Family Therapy Casey has always been a fiery lady. She is five foot six, weighs a hundred and fifteen pounds and has the most gorgeous head of silky blonde hair in the world. We have both kept in great shape at the gym and on hikes that we take every chance we get. I spent time teaching her the art of survival as taught to me by the U.S. Army. She enjoyed it immensely.

Family Therapy We hiked the back country of north eastern Washington with minimal gear and could cover sometimes twenty miles in a weekend. It was on such a trip that our lives were changed forever. It was Labor Day weekend and we had set our sights on a large piece of wilderness in the cascades. We were dropped off Friday night by my friend who would pick us up later at our hike’s end.

Family Therapy Casey and I made camp in a secluded spot on BLM land where we knew we would have the world to ourselves. I had surprised Casey with a new rifle for her eighteenth birthday. It was light and small and she loved it. Part of the reason for our selection of land for this trip was so that she could spend time shooting her new toy. She was an avid gun enthusiast.

Family Therapy After making camp, camp we spent the remaining daylight hours engaging in what we loved to call, “Pew Pew therapy.” As we turned in for the night, Casey placed the gun beside her sleeping bag gently. She turned to me and said, “Dad, I love you! You have been the best dad that any girl could ever have.” With that she kissed me on the check and tucked me in.

Family Therapy The next morning, we struck camp and headed off up the mountain. Casey, as always, led the way. I followed her marveling at her stride and, almost ashamedly, admiring her ass. I kept rationalizing to myself that no man could look away from such a gorgeous sight. She was wearing very short tan hiking shorts. Her little ass cheeks were out as usual. She was definitely one tantalizing girl. But, she was my daughter.

Family Therapy The weather was unseasonably warm and by afternoon, we had shed all that we could in the way of thermal protection but had still broken the cardinal rule and worked up a sweat. Casey had stripped off her shirt and was wearing just a lacey bra. This was fine, as it was not likely that we would meet anyone up here. We reached our next bivouac site by an alpine lake earlier than expected. We dropped all the gear at a rock that over looked the lake. As I set up the tent, Casey gathered firewood and moss to cushion the foot print. Family Therapy

Date: December 6, 2019