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Mother fuck in bathroom spy Dad totally knew he was the luckiest guy alive! Throughout my entire childhood, he never put a foot wrong! He never once said or did anything that might make my mom think she wasn’t the perfect woman she was! The only person that loved mom more than dad was me!

Mother fuck in bathroom spy I never ever thought about mom sexually myself! Sure I got it that every guy wanted her! But to me she was mom. Sure she was beautiful, I knew that. Mom had the sexiest body, full big beautiful breasts, a drop-dead gorgeous face, long blonde hair, long sexy hot legs and an ass! Oh boy! She was everything a high school jock could want! But to me she was mom and I loved her so much!

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Mother fuck in bathroom spy Even though I was 18 I had never seen so much as an inch of any part of mom that a son should never see! Our house was pretty big and I had my own bathroom and shower and my parents’ room was on the other side of the house! So I never saw anything more of mom than any of my friends had seen! That was until that crazy day when everything hit off and got started!

Date: August 27, 2020