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Moms new boobs She gave a throaty moan as she took me deep in her mouth. I began to spasm and jerked up causing her to gag. She coughed but kept right on sucking.

I was afraid she was going to make me cum, so I lifted her up on the tailgate. Kissed her stomach and thighs around her thong. I pulled it down over her feet, and started kissing her leg back up.

When I got to her pussy, smiled, as I poured wine on it. Began lapping at her pussy. She wiggled and moaned as I teased her with my tongue. Licking from top to bottom, probing deeper with each pass.

Moms new boobs I inserted two fingers as she arched up wanting them deeper. She was so juicy and wet as I finger fucked her to orgasm. I put her on my shoulders so I could drink her nectar of cum. She tasted so sweet and it was a texture of golden liquid honey.

I put her on her knees, with her sexy ass facing me. She scrambled to the front of the truck stood up and wiggled out of her skirt. Arched her ass and gave it a hard slap.

“ What’s keeping you old man?” as she laughed.

Moms new boobs I don’t know if she was laughing at me stumbling to her, or if she was teasing.

I got to her grabbed her pig tails and drove my cock in her hard. She pushed me back and I drove her again, again and again as she met each thrust.

“Fuck me hard, harder. Punish this cunt for laughing at you.”

Moms new boobs Allison seemed so innocent and pure when she visited Vivian. Who was this vixen I’m fucking? I turned her around sat her on my cock and bounced her, as she hung on, and enjoyed being my fuck doll.

I stopped, forced her on her knees, and she hungrily took my cock in her mouth as I face fucked her. Slobber and spit running out of her mouth and on her tits.

Date: July 19, 2020