Mom Son Special Nude Therapy While Home Alone Dad In Office


Nude Therapy I was a typical angry teen; short fuse and not wanting to be held back by anything like family. After dad passed, I grew even more distant. Nude Therapy I would stay out late, my grades suffered, and family talk was reduced to complaining and yelling. Mom grew concerned.

Nude Therapy She tried different self-help books, but the problem with most of them is that they relied on sitting down and talking with each other. I had nothing to say to her and she had nothing to say to me that I wanted to hear.

Nude Therapy I got used to coming home to unusual sights; things designed to throw my guard off and start talking. It worked for the first couple of times in a limited way, but as time went on, I only grew more polarized against such foolishness. Nothing could prepare me for mom’s latest scheme.

Nude Therapy I came home after a really late Friday night – Saturday morning to be exact. Mom was up late, obviously waiting for me to come home. She was in the living room, cleaning up, except this time she was naked – completely naked except for a bandanna covering her hair in back.

My mother has a ‘mom’s body’: soft, but not too chunky; a good set of hips and an ass to match; breasts that have nursed a few children. I have never really noticed her body before, but I have never seen her full on naked before.

Nude Therapy “Hi,” she said as I stood there dumb. Mom was noticeably nervous about her nudity and that ‘hi’ sounded like she had rehearsed it several times in her head. She had trouble keeping eye contact and talking in general, but she was trying hard to show her resolve.

Nude Therapy “We have been drifting apart,” she began, “and now, with your father gone, we are at a point where we really need each other. I need us to be closer … to make an emotional connection.” Mom paused to switch from caring mother to scholarly psychiatrist. “I had read that if you remove your clothes, you remove any barriers you have to communication – nothing to hide, so to speak. To this end, I am going to remain undressed for you around the house. When you feel like connecting again you may do the same.”

Nude Therapy She went on her way and I went on mine. After the initial disgust of seeing my mother naked wore off, I kinda enjoyed it – especially since most of her work around the house consisted of low reaching places, requiring her to bend over a lot. Looking from behind, I could almost forget that she was my mother.

Her ass was looking ripe and full with her plump pussy lips showing just a bit when she bent over. Her legs were long and shapely and a little bit veiny (but I wasn’t complaining). Swaying and jiggling with every move were mom’s full breasts, which were somehow more enticing catching a glimpse of them from the side than looking at them bare head on. Nude Therapy

Date: December 5, 2019