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Mom sex I held my white dress in hand, it was a super sexy dress, very short, tight, light material hugging my body outlining all my body curves, I have a curvy body, with big pair of tits, a nice big, round ass, thick upper thighs, just the type of curvy body that would attract the eyes sight of any street walker in such a tight, mini dress. I tried that dress on, my hard nipples were clearly poking the dress, I wore nothing under that dress, no panties, and no bra, I did not even bother with stockings or Mom sex anything else, just a pair of sexy, high heels.

I checked myself in the full-size mirror again, yes very sexy, and attractive, but if I wanted to be honest with myself, I looked more of a slut or a hooker than a sexy woman. I just told myself “fuck, nobody knows me in this town, so why the fuck not?” I decided to take a drive, may be then a walk, just to Mom sex check the area and enjoy the weather and the beautiful natural scene around.

I hopped in the rented car I had and started driving around till I got to a beautiful area, the street was very wide with beautiful trees and flowers all over, I parked the car, and started walking down the street Mom sex just to enjoy the scene and the weather, nothing else on my mind at that point of time at all.

I was walking slowly and as mentioned earlier, my body with the sexy, slutty dress over it was an attention catcher, I wasn’t surprised when a couple of cars slowed down and the driver’s eyes all over me as if they were waiting for a sign from me, I wasn’t stupid, I knew they thought I was a street hooker, but let them think whatever they want. The sudden surprise came when a fancy car slowed Mom sex down till it came to a full stop when I was against the passenger window, it opened and a nice-looking man of at least the age of fifties smiled saying

Date: July 21, 2021