MOM FUCKS ME : Where you were being ?
MOM : In the office, you know that.
ME : Yeah, but you don`t know that tonight I chased you and you have gone to a house to the boss, I knew everything
MOM : ( She was just blank ) what are you talking about ?
ME : Mom I know everything that you never gone to night shift, you always goes to that house where our boss already waits for you to come and then you both…….. and don`t lie me I have seen you in that house and I know that this the reason why you got the promotion.
MOM : ( she started crying ) I have done this just to live a better life. I was alone. But I promise you, I`ll not do this again and I`ll leave that job also. I am sorry. Please don`t tell anybody.

MOM FUCKS ME : ( I stopped my mom crying ) mom, listen to me, I can understand, but I want to tell something else.
ME : ( after 5 or 6 seconds ) Mom, I love you as a son but more as a lover , mom, mom listen me listen me I really love you from past 4 years and I want you to love me more as your lover. I can`t see you with some other man. I feel jealous. And I can be the man in your life who can keep you happy and satisfied also.
MOM FUCKS MOM : What are you saying, have you gone mad, I am your mom and this is a sin, this can`t happen.
ME : Mom this is not a sin. Look mom just think I am a man and you are a woman and love can happen with anybody. It happens automatically. It does`nt happens by thinking first.
MOM : No,
ME : Mom I love you, I love you very much.

MOM FUCKS MOM : You have gone mad. I am your mother and you want me to sleep with you.
ME : Mom you think that I only love your body but this is not true, I love you by heart, loves your everything loves you in all ways in all conditions. At least give me a chance to be the man in your life.

MOM FUCKS After 1 hour of arguing,,,,,,,,,,, I finally said……

MOM FUCKS ME : Mom I know this is not easy for you but I promise you, I`ll keep happy and I am not saying that just give me the answer right now, you can think over it, and Mom really really I love you by heart, I want you to be mine and if you think I don`t deserve your love, I can`t be the man of your life, I don`t deserve the beautiful lady like you, then forget everything I have said and you are free to do anything…… Mom I`ll be waiting for your MOM FUCKS answer, just assume that a man has purposed you, nothing else, it will make you easy. And at least give me a chance and I`MOM FUCKS ll prove you that no man can be better than me in your life. Several hours passed but she did`nt answer me.

Date: June 1, 2020