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mom blackmailed by son She apologized that it was so last minute again. I did not have anything planned really. I had hoped that I would hear from her, and was excited when the text popped up on my phone. I was not sure what kind of party she was talking about but I guess my business suit was going to have to do for attire.

mom blackmailed by son As I pulled up to our infamous garage top location, there she was with her hair down, in white denim jeans, nude heels, and a button up blouse half tucked in with only a few buttons connected to keep her fabulous breasts from popping out. I could see she had a navy lace bra on that got my motor kicking in gear a bit. She looked classy with a hint of naughty to her strut as she climbed mom blackmailed by son up into my SUV and again kissed me on my cheek. We had some small talk and I asked her where we were going. She said, “over to one of my friend’s house, they are having a big party”. I said to her, “am I overdressed?” She smiled and said, “oh no, the suit is perfect! They are going love you! I have told them all about you!” After hearing this I felt a bit nervous. What did she mean by mom blackmailed by son they were going to love me and why would she be discussing me with other people that I don’t even know? I did notice at this point that we were coming up on some multi-million-dollar properties and a gated community. We pulled up to a well-known gated community and she gave me the code to press and we drove right in. I could not believe this house that we pulled up to. Fully manicured lawn with all the right landscape lighting to enhance this mansion. We pulled up to the round-a- bout and the valet was there to welcome us and park our vehicle. I looked over at her and said, mom blackmailed by son “some friends you have here”. She grabbed my hand and my arm with the other and said, “come on, let me show you around and introduce you to some people”.

Date: November 6, 2020