Mom Bedroom Sex That’s My Bush! scene starring Ariella Ferrera


Mom Bedroom Sex In no time at all, I commanded you strip down to nothing but your heels once you have placed your things on the table. You immediately turn and obey, unclasping the black garters, releasing the wonderfully sensual lingerie you had brought while I fix a drink. My cock hardens as I catch the scent of your wildly decadent perfume, it tickles my senses, but despite this, in a quiet, firm voice, you hear, “Face the door and wait”.

You feel your nipples bud and harden, placing your hands on the door not sure what to expect, only that you have my assurance from his very masculine tone that the wicked chastisement you receive will be delicious.

Mom Bedroom Sex Silently, you feel my presence move close behind you now, his scent and the brush of his beard against the back of your neck enhance your delicate senses.

A  gruff request; “Close your eyes, Ms.”

Waiting….you feel a smooth black, silk blindfold firmly tied around your eyes.

Mom Bedroom Sex “Now…turn around and free my zipper” A wide smile crosses your face, while your smooth hands search and find. Your hands move past my belt and find your Sir’s doorway. Once my zipper is free, your attempt to grasp my hardening shaft. But your hand is not permitted.

“Noooo!  You can only have that when I tell you. Now, take my belt off, for this will be your pain and pleasure in one”

Pulling my belt free from my slacks you offer it to me, patiently, silently,  awaiting instructions.

“Now, face the door” I growl.

Mom Bedroom Sex You pout……longing to wrap your hungry lips around Sir’s firm glistening head and make him lose control. But, without hesitation, you obey, turn and place your hands against the door. Your breathing has moved to a silent pant… waiting ….wondering…

Date: July 16, 2020
Actors: ariella ferrera