Mom and Son Hot Fun While Watching Hot Tube


Hot Tube “Rose, what do you think?”

“A nice holiday, somewhere hot.”

“Peter, it’s your turn.”

Hot Tube “A new car,” then I stood there smiling, expecting Father to agree with me, but he didn’t say anything, instead he just looked at my Sister.

Her face was a picture of concentration, then a huge grin appeared.

She almost shouted it out, “I want a Hot Tub.”

Hot Tube Mother was now shaking her head.

“I still think we need a holiday,” then she gave my Father a look that said, ‘Agree with me’.

“I wish I hadn’t asked.”

“Yes, it should just be me and you that decide what to do with the money.”

Hot Tube Before my Sister and I could complain, Father quickly said, “No”, then he added, “It’s difficult, you all want different things.”

Mother then interrupted him, “You never told us what you want.”

Hot Tube “A bit of peace and quiet would be nice.”

I laughed, but Mother was not amused. Her hands were now on her hips, and she was glaring at him.

He put his hands up in the air, as if surrendering, then he said, “I would like to have the garden landscaped.”

Hot Tube My Father was a successful business man, his last project had brought in a decent amount of money, quite a bit more than he had expected. We were all together now trying to decide how to spend that extra money.

For the next ten minutes we discussed the suggestions, but nobody would change their mind. It was now getting a bit heated.

“I have had enough of this, I am putting it into our savings account.”

“What about picking it out of a hat?”

Hot Tube I could see Father was thinking about Mother’s idea. I desperately wanted us to get a new car, because, with a bit of persuading, I would have a good chance of having our current one. One in four was not good odds, but better than nothing.

“OK,” then he smiled before adding, “Alice, go and get my hat.”

Hot Tube She took one step forward, then she stopped. We all then laughed, even Alice. Father didn’t have a hat.

Five minutes later Father was picking a piece of paper out of a cup. He quickly unfolded it, but then he waited a few seconds before speaking.

“The winner is,” then, he looked at each of us in turn, before saying, “A holiday.”

Mother was obviously pleased, but my Sister was now sulking. I was quite happy, that had been my second choice. Father just looked relieved that it was all over.

“Peter, please pass me the cup. I will empty it into the bin.” Hot Tube

Date: December 4, 2019