missionary POV Mexican Big Booty Gets Fucked For Valentines Day


missionary POV This is how women feel when they are just about to take a beautiful cock from behind. The feeling of his hands holding me tight, his cock slowly moving up and down against my ass and having this sensational woman in my hands all at once. The gentle raindrops falling on us through this. Alex reaches and slowly pulls my shorts down just a touch more. The feeling of this – these manly and caring (male) hands pulling my shorts down was awakening something else altogether.

missionary POV Cyril kept herself turned a touch and faced me as we sucked on each other’s tongues. Now as if all on its own, Alex’s cock stopped at a certain spot, this spot was my anus! Alex’s cock head is now right at my entrance! I gasp now as now I know for sure that I am going to by fucked from behind in a threesome, in a swimming pool – in the rain.

missionary POV I need this more than ever now, his cock inside me. We are a wonderful unit, all together for these loving moments. The pain/wonder, his cock head is inside me now. He stops for a moment so we can all re-align for this slow love-making. Cyril reaches now with both hands and holds my cock now with both her hands. Alex fondles around me even more as he grips me, caresses me and my tummy, my waist, my naked thighs.

missionary POV A wonderful cock head now pushes further and further. I somehow push back on this cock, needing it now more than ever. His cock and my ass becoming one! This was so meant to be! This is love! His cock is fully inside me and gently fucking back and forth. He gasps now as he is caressing around me, around my ass cheeks. He is ever so turned on even more by caressing me. The feeling of being caressed by a male is incredible. Feeling what women feel. Loving what women love. Cock.

missionary POV I feel a sudden slippery sensation inside me – he is cumming. This is making his cock move in and out, in and out, so wet and lubricated. I feel his cock spasm inside me and jolt. I feel him all tense up behind me, his muscles all hard, his grip all hard and tense and he shoots more and more cum deep inside of me. 

Date: March 18, 2021