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Mature Woman She held him there as he squirmed. His balls tightened, he muttered something unintelligible, but whose meaning was unmistakable, and clawed at her flesh. “Oh, yesss,” he hissed. Samantha abandoned him, popping up to her knees. “I have to go,” she said, loudly. “What?” Tony blurted, confused. “I’m cumming.” A grimace of pain twisted his face as he fought against nature. He tried to seize Samantha, intending to pull her back to him. She avoided his grasp as a jet of hot, white cum erupted from his cock. “Shit,” he grunted, covering the tip with his hands, trying to prevent a mess.

Mature Woman For a few moments, Samantha watched his body shudder as the sticky jizz coated his fingers and trickled down the shaft, then she scuttled toward the door. “Where the fuck are you going?” he demanded, his voice strained. “Home,” she chirped, stepping to the blacktop. “What the fuck?” he shouted. “You didn’t finish me.” “Did you cum?” she retorted. He held out his semen-coated hands, and surveyed his lap. “Then what are you complaining about?”

Mature Woman she argued, facetiously. “You should’ve kept going,” he protested. She shook her head slowly. “I wanted to nut in your mouth,” he cried. God damned bitch,” he spat. “Well, I’m sure your girlfriend could do a better job,” she quipped. “Of course, if she finds out about this, she might not.” Samantha straightened her clothes as she sauntered away, listening to the string of curses emanating from the back seat. She laughed all the way to her car. It took several minutes for her pulse to slow.

Mature Woman Initially afraid Tony might follow her, she realized he was probably still trying to clean and dry the seat of the van. She let out a long breath, checked her hair and lipstick, and then drove off, preparing herself for phase two of her plan. Half an hour later, across town, Samantha entered a parking lot empty but for one other car…Phil’s. Her boots clumped across the pavement as she approached the entrance. The glass doors were locked – as she had expected. She rang the bell for Security. As she waited, her eyes traced over the carved stone letters above the portal – Museum of Art. “That idiot, in a place like this,” she said, softly.

Date: March 3, 2019