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Mature Casting Time was short so we embraced in the bedroom known as my playroom.  I liked to be stripped and he started to remove what little I had on.  He wanted me naked. As luck would have it the clasp stuck on the front and we struggled a moment before he pulled it over my head freeing my breasts and leaving me laughing with just my thong panties on.   I dropped down to my knees and undid his pants letting his beautiful 8” cock out.   It glistened with precum as I took it into my mouth.   Doug likes Mature Casting to be teased along his shaft and I did just that.  Given his state of arousal he cut it short and lifted me up on the bed and laid me on my back.   His strong hands pulled my panties down and I spread my legs giving him full access to my pussy.   I love to be eaten and Doug is damn good at it giving me a delightful orgasm.

Mature Casting I rolled over on my hands and knees as Doug put a condom on.  I love it doggy style and he liked to pound me hard from behind while giving me playful spanks on my butt.   We came together and I felt so naughty fucking him without my hubby around.  After catching our breath, he put another condom on and slid back into my pussy while I was on my back he lifted my legs up resting them on his Mature Casting broad shoulders.  He started out slow gazing into my eyes before leaning down to bite me gently on my neck.   He picked up the pace gradually until he was pounding my pussy and I exploded into a teeth jarring orgasm.  

Date: January 6, 2021