Mature Brunette Deeper Alina Lopez Teases Power Away from Her Man


Mature Brunette That was all they needed to hear. Their young hands began caressing their way from my arms to my hips. The friend was cupping one of my breasts, gently rubbing a finger around a nipple. My godson though was growing more adventurous and began rubbing the little patch of pubic hair above my pussy.

Mature Brunette When I felt his finger go lower, so it was almost toying with the hood of my clit, I spread my legs wider to allow him better access. His finger slipped down, nudging mine out of the way, falling directly onto my clit. That released another leak of wetness from me. It also freed up both of my hands, so I reached over and wrapped my hands around their own to increase the pressure they were applying to their cocks as they rubbed themselves.

Mature Brunette My godson’s finger started making slow up-and-down motions against my clit, and his friend leaned down and began sucking on my left nipple. A moment later they slipped their fingers away, so my hands were directly on their cocks. It felt incredible: dirty and nice and naughty, all at the same Mature Brunette time. I was breathing heavily, and the desire was growing in me, and I was getting closer and closer to the point of no return… when suddenly, my godson’s friend began cumming without warning. He moaned an apology then squeezed his eyes shut. I felt the first hot jet of his cum fly up across my tits. My godson and I looked down to see his friend dousing me with pump after pump of semen, as he apologised between groans.

Mature Brunette I must have looked a bit disappointed because godson immediately said don’t worry to me. He told me that his friend would easily be able to get it up again if I didn’t want to stop yet. His friend chimed in too, as soon as he could snatch a breath, saying: He’s not lying. I can come, like, three or four times in a row sometimes. I just need to see something sexy…

Mature Brunette He didn’t need to finish. I was pushing him down onto his back and pulling my godson behind me. I leaned back and told my godson that I wanted him inside me while I sucked his friend’s cock.

Date: December 21, 2020
Actors: alina lopez