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Mainstream Movies This time I was the leader. This time it lasted for more time and when he finally ejaculated deep in me, we separated. I didn’t want to wash immediately. We ordered for tea. Prabhakar got a wild idea and asked me if I can open the door for tea with only my night gown. I too found it exciting to tempt someone. Within few minutes the doorbell rang.  As thought, I just pulled my nightie (didn’t wear it fully) on to my bosom and opened the door. The server was shocked and kept the tray on the tea table. He could not stop his eyes on me till Prabhakar signed the bill. Intentionally I further Mainstream Movies slipped the gown displaying one boob fully. The moment he left; I came to Prabhakar who was again ready due to the high excitement. We finished our fifth copulation since previous night and then took bath together. It was only then I realized that no protection was used.  I told him. He hugged me and kissed under shower.

Had breakfast in the restaurant and returned to the room. By the time I returned from washroom, Mainstream Movies Prabhakar had started packing clothes in the suitcase. I hugged him from behind and then removed all clothes and kept the suitcase in the cupboard. He raised his eyebrows in a question mark. Lets us stay for two more days, I told him keeping my head on his chest. He hugged me lovingly and told that he cant say no. So that was settled. Did some urgent clothe shopping in Anand market.  We stayed for two more nights and returned.

Thereafter we were meeting two to three times in a week in afternoons and whole nights whenever my Mainstream Movies husband went out station.  The result was as expected and decided by God. I conceived. When I told Srinath he just congratulated me but didn’t question me.

Date: August 31, 2021