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Ass She brushed the soft tail across the side of his face. “I remember a time when you would blush and get all fidgety when I meowed at you.” She swept the tail down his chest, and brushed his nipples. “But you never told me why. I think you could tell me now.” She growled low and deep in her throat as she took his earlobe between her teeth. He moaned as she slipped her hand inside his boxers, and groaned as the full memory came back.

Ass “If I like the story, you can take off my outfit.” Her tongue swirled against his ear and his cock twitched as she squeezed it gently. She guided his hand to the zipper over her crotch. “Or you can leave it on, if you’d rather.” Even his answering moan was conflicted. “That was so long ago,” he said as he pressed himself against her. …
He could feel the heat in

Ass her crotch even through the leather as he squeezed and rubbed her. She let out a long moan. “Mrowr,” she cried in his ear. He was done for, it was the same cry of ‘please’ that she used when she really wanted something and really didn’t want to go get it. It was the plea he could never say no to. “Mur mowr,” she whined again. “That’s evil,” he said as he stretched out next to her. “You cannot hold this against me. “ She meowed questioningly. “I was between twelve and fourteen years old when this happened.

Ass You cannot hold it against me now.” She meowed in agreement and rubbed her fake ears against his chin. “It was early in fourth year, I think the first weekend back at school. Seamus had managed to get his hands on some of his father’s home brewed amber ale, so we were all a little tipsy.” ———— “Night, Harry,” Ron called across their dorm room. “Sleep well, because tomorrow you die.” “Meow,” Harry replied. He heard snickers from Seamus’s bed. Dean and Neville both meowed as well.

Ass The other boys all laughed. Ron snuffed his bedside candle and snapped his curtains shut. This was it, he was going to have to kill Harry; there was no help for him now. Ron sighed; Harry had nobody to blame but himself. If Harry hadn’t opened his big mouth about the cat tail incident, he wouldn’t have to die.

Date: February 25, 2019
Actors: luscious