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Lucy Li Masturbation #monstercock #teen #anal #sex and #massive #cum #load He slapped me sharply on the ass and said, “You want my cock bitch?” “Oh yes baby! GIve it to me!” I screamed. “Beg for it bitch!” he said. “Please daddy, give me your cock,” I begged. “Give it to me please!” “Good girl,” he said. ” You just had to ask nicely.” Brad began to thrust, slowly at first, then more intensely. He kept slapping me on the ass hard as he fucked me. As he fucked me harder and deeper, he slapped me harder, making my ass sting.

Lucy Li Masturbation #teenanalsex #massivecumload As he fucked me, I was totally immobile and unable to use my hands. It felt as if his cock was up to my lungs as I was having a little difficulty breathing. His breaths became heavier and heavier and I knew he was close to blowing his load. Suddenly Brad pulled his cock out of my ass and shot his hot cum all over my ass cheeks and inside the crack of my ass. Some even shot up onto my back.

Lucy Li Masturbation He seemed to have been totally full of cum. I only wished I could have jerked myself off and also got a nut while he was fucking me. Brad moved over to me and pulled me off the couch. Still bound, he forced me into a kneeling position. “Clean my cock up you whore!” he commanded. I did as I was told, licking him clean from tip of his cock to his balls. I felt both good and bad about what had just happened.

Lucy Li Masturbation Something just didn’t feel right. He looked at me with regret in his eyes. I didn’t know what to expect next. “I’m sorry Gina,” he said. “I know I was a little rough. I wanted you to see me for what I really can be. You see, I tried this with my wife and she shut me down. I think that was what led me to look elsewhere for my satisfaction. You have pleased me as much as anyone I have ever known, but I can see you didn’t really like rough sex.

Lucy Li Masturbation You see Gina, my wife found out about us. I needed to see if you were into pleasing me the way I need to be pleased. I needed to see if I could leave my wife for you. Now I see that you can play but you do have boundaries. I think I have to find a special someone who really likes what I really like to be safe. I think it is only fair to move on and not subject you to my kink.”

Lucy Li Masturbation Now I understood what had just happened. My heart was breaking because I think I had come to love Brad in an unusual way, even though our relationship was so intermittent. I must admit I am game for almost anything, but I’m not into simulating a forcible sexual act that involves fear or intense pain. #masturbate #vagina #anal #femalemasturbation #womenmasturbating #girlsmasturbating #jackingoff #Neighbor #Perv mom #Nurumassage #Onenightstand #Oldandyoung #Stepsiblingscaught #Surpriseanal

Date: June 27, 2022
Actors: lucy li